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Smiling Kev

Hello all!

Once more on my book!  Onbly 6 more days until the hype is over and the book - hopefully - becomes a reality.  It's a passion book for me, sprung completely out of my love for this band. I hope to do a whole heck of a lot of research and intense reading about the guys (including interviews!) to make this book accessible, fun, and academic in the best possible way.

BUT! We're still only about halfway there. Halfway is GREAT, but I now only have 6 days to get over the hump of $4k! I'd love it if you could spread the word, tell your friends, and really get this project over the finish line. There are still 4 sets of backstage passes and 4 sets of show tickets up for the offing, plus a bunch of stickers, T-shirts, signed albums and more. Let's get hype for these last 6 days!  This is gonna be FUN!


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